This Week, Deep

This week I'm a little late, but I do have a few nuggets to share, in no particular order:  

1) The New York Times is teaming up with one of my favorite science communications projects - Creature cast. This article explains the collaboration, and features an awesome video about an incredibly strange sex strategy found in a marine worm (scroll to the bottom to skip right to the spoonworms. 

2) Like hearing about science as its being done from sea? Follow the current Schmidt Ocean Institute cruise to Axial Volcano (one of my field sites) here. They are investigating life beneath the sea floor. I mentioned a similar blog last week, but this site has more information. 

3) The BBC reports here on the new IPCC report on climate change and mentions the role the ocean may be playing in the current slow down in warming that has climate change skeptics all in a tizzy.

4) Curious what we know about radiation and fish following the terrible Fukushima earthquake? Lots of info here

5) A friend of mine who write for the Sick Papes (as in papers) blog, wrote a fun post about an very cool paper in PNAS written by two awesome grad students in my lab. The post is about their paper, which involves using a robotic submarine to put snails in a deep sea blender, as well as what its like to do research as sea. Definitely worth a read! 

6) This one  isn't from this week, but I hope you agree it it worth sharing. It is the story of a recent discovery about a small pufferfish which solved a longstanding mystery about circles on the sea floor. There is also a cool video showing the fish in action here.

And there you have it, this week - er last week - deep!