Deep References - Updated

After a long hiatus due to a particularly busy semester, I’m back! 

I was assisting with a Deep Sea Bio course taught at Harvard Extension School, and at the end of the semester I put together some links to enable our students to keep learning about the deep sea on their own. I figured it was a good time to update the post I made when I started this blog. So for all you looking for other sources of deep sea sciency goodness, I hope this collection of links is useful.


Probably the best single source for all things new in the deep sea is the Deep Sea News blog. Its irreverent, thorough, and has recently gotten a new facelift including a cool list of “Essential” deep sea reads. I have read some of them, but look forward to making my way through the list, eventually.


Live Streaming Deep Sea Video

For following research going on at sea, a number of ships stream live ROV footage when they are out at sea. Note that most of these streams are currently quiet because its the off season. However, they all have lots of archived video to peruse.

- The Exploration Now site houses live feeds from multiple research vessels, including a couple of those highlighted below.

- One of the Exploration Now streams, Nautilus Live is spearheaded by Dr. Robert Ballard and is based out of University of Rhode Island. 

- The R/V Atlantis, which houses Alvin, occasionally live streams as well.

- The NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer generally has live feeds when its at sea.

- A collaborative effort called Interactive Oceans is working to install scientific monitoring equipment to provide continuous video feeds from the Juan de Fuca Ridge (at one of my study sites?). When they are out at sea they stream live.

- Neptune Canada often broadcasts live stream video from the  Canadian ROV ROPOS.

- Ocean Networks Canada maintains some live video streams that aren’t necessarily deep sea, but are cool nonetheless. They also have LOTS of other cool resources on their site.

I’m sure there are more of these marine science live streams, but these are the ones I’m familiar with. I keep a list though, so if you find others, let me know!


Other Resources

The Monteray Bay Aquarium Research Institute has a YouTube channel and a facebook page that often share new research findings. 

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has a site called “Dive and Discover” that follows research expeditions at sea. They are currently tracking an expedition studying hydrothermal vents from January 2-22!! They also maintain video and blog archive of lots of past expeditions, and put out a nice magazine called Oceanus about their research.

Scripps Institute of Oceanography also has an archive of cruise blogs on the side panel of their homepage.

Oceanography Magazine has a large database of back issues that cover a huge breadth of deep sea science in a very accessible, but technical way.