Interested in Alien Worlds on Earth?

It looks like the course website I created for my "Alien Worlds on Earth" mini-course is not globally viewable like I hoped it would be. The course went well, and I do hope to do something more with it in the future. In the mean time, I wanted to share some of the resources I gathered to share with students who wanted to know more about the environments we were talking about in class. I hope these are interesting and useful... let me know if they are!

Hydrothermal Vents

Cave resources

  • The NOVA documentary "Mysterious Life of Caves" and associated web content found here ( Part adventure story, part geology, part microbiology... definitely worth a watch if you're curious about caves.
  • Descriptions and images of particularly interesting cave creatures can be found on this BBC site (
  • "Introduction to Cave Microbiology: A Review for the Non-Specialist" by explorer and microbiologist Hazel Barton.
  • Video profile of caver and microbiologist Hazel Barton. (
  • Background information from another good cave documentary "Journey Into Amazing Caves" (

Lake Vostok resources - news coverage of recent research

Subsurface resources

Astrobiology resources