Traveling to Talk Science, and SciFi

I am about to head off to Phoenix to attend ComiCon. I am going as part of their attempt to increase the science content at the convention. They partnered with NASA and are going to have a FameLab competition that I will be participating in. It's been fun to craft a short talk that bridges science fiction and the kind of research that I do. It will first time I've ever formally talked about SciFi in public! They have us in a room that holds 1,500 people (Yikes!), but we are on at the same time as Nathan Fillion, so who knows what the attendance will be.

As a sidenote, the international FameLab finals are going on today, and you can watch them live (3pm EDT) here if you are so inclined. The FameLab USA contestant has made it to the finals.

I love that NASA values science communication by supporting events like this. I'll let you know how it goes. I am certainly looking forward to letting my Inner Geek out this weekend!