A nice kick in the pants

I work best to deadlines. I always seem to get the most done not when I have some free time to dedicate to my "someday to do list" (that would make far more sense), but when I have too much going on, and therefore no time to procrastinate. I've found lately that I can trick myself into productivity with self-imposed deadlines too. Shhh Don't tell me!

So, when I realized that an interview I did on the Lady Paragons podcast was about to go live, I gave myself a deadline. Get Nature Nerding episode 2 done before it comes out. And, surprise surprise, I got it done last night after putting it off for a few weeks. In addition, I came across this post this morning eloquently explaining exactly why I'm trying to get this Nature Nerd Network off the ground.

Not a bad start to the day. Now back to all the things I actually have to get done! Little things like job applications, the second chapter of my dissertation, and teaching. But like I said, the more I have to do, the more extra stuff I seem to get done.