Alien Worlds on Earth - a course in progress

I'm teaching a January "mini-course" called Alien Worlds on Earth. In it we will be taking a tour of some of the most hostile and strange ecosystems on the planet. It is always so easy to get people excited and engaged when I tell them I study underwater volcanoes, so I thought I would leverage that excitement as a way of teaching about  geology and biology interacting to form ecosystems that have nothing to do with the sun. It also seemed like a great excuse to learn more about the other bizarre ecosystems on the planet that I am less familiar with. I don't want to lecture straight for an hour and a half each class, and being a non-credit class I can't really count on people doing the readings and being ready to discuss material. So, I'm going to be using documentary films as virtual field trips. I also created a class pinterest board that students can pin images that represent what they find most interesting about these environments. "Alien Worlds on Earth" is something I might like to develop into a full length course or even a mooc some day. For now, I am collecting as many resources on the course website as possible, so if you're interested, check it out. I would love to know if you find any of the resources useful.